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In addition to the online course I also teach a live
exam prep course in Clear Lake (25 miles south
of Houston). The "Buy Now" page has class dates
and please call me if you need more information.
Texas Real Estate Exam Prep Course
Updated January 2015
Texas Real Estate
One of my students sent me this - Thank you soooo much for your exam prep class!  
It was precise and to the point. It told me exactly what I needed to know and no more.
I have taken classes that were filled with "fluff" and they were monotonous, boring,
and wasted my time. I passed my test and I definitely would not have if I hadn't taken
your course! Thanks again!  Tess :) (1/10/2014)
Gulf Coast Real Estate School
Live Classes
The author is an active Texas Real Estate Broker and teaches live real
estate courses. He has over 30 + years experience teaching exam prep.

Click the blue "Buy Now" button above and you can start today.   If
you have any questions while you are studying you can call me and I
will help you with any of the information that you need help with. The
165 pages of material are updated at least twice each year so that you
will be studying the most current information.